Words simply cannot describe me and who I am. You'll have to talk to me for a while before you get a good idea of who I am, what I want, and who I aspire to be.
I'm always here if you need an ear to listen to what you have to say, and I promise that I won't judge nor think of you any different. Everyone has their own reason for doing things, and I have no right to judge someone when I haven't been in their shoes.

All you can do is just cry and cry.

Why did I look into your eyes? It just made everything hurt more than it already does.

Sleep is a little less tempting, a little less fulfilling, knowing that I’m not ending the night without you safe in my arms.

All I ever wanted.. and you refuse to give it to me.

You assume and assume. You continue to base your actions off of opinions, not facts. You listen to a half-assed story; you worship it like it’s the Bible.

I’m just a bad person.

I’m just a bad person.

I’m just a bad person.

It’s the pain of being lied to coupled with the false support that makes my heart feel hollow, and that emptiness overwhelms me and just goes to show that I’m everything but good enough.

Nothing would make me happier..trust me.